We believe the Commodore Modular home to be a Superior Home in many ways.

Lower Costs

Modular homes provide the plans for building permits and complete construction without requiring and architect, lowering costs. We offer far more floorplans to choose from than most builders and can even customize plans.

Controlled Environment

The Commodore Modular is built in a controlled environment. Rain or snow will not impede the building process. This provides protection for the building materials, but more importantly, it provides a comfortable environment for the workers. A carpenter is more likely to make a mistake in rainy, 30 degree weather than if he is inside, warm and dry.

Superior in Strength

All of our modular homes are built with 2X10 floor joists 16″ on center with double 2X10 perimeter joists. Our exterior walls are built with 2X6 studs 16″ on center, and are wrapped with oriented strand board. All of our homes are built with 2X4 interior walls, not 2X3’s. No mobile homes and few site built homes meet these standards.

Built Faster

Modular homes can be built faster than site built homes. We submit the order to the factory to build the home the same day we start the foundation. You simply cannot start building the site built the same day you start the foundation.

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